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Getting things done with iOS – More personal computer –  Day Six

We all have to get things done and there are numerous applications available to help us sort things out in our lives. The big daddy of them all is Omnifocus. This is the one with all the bells and whistles and the pricetag to match. If you’re going to do your get things done work done with Omnifocus then doing it on iOS is better as it’s a little cheaper to buy the application to use on your iPad and your iPhone. There are numerous other apps to try that offer similar features and sometimes just enough facilities as you’re likely to need. So if the cheaper one does all that you need then why spend the extra money for your more Personal Computer experience with iOS.

More Personal Computer

Find one that works and stick with it

I noticed that some people change their GTD (Get Things Done) application with regularity. Obviously, when new ones come out they offer more services and you get tempted. I like to have Omnifocus for the overall big picture and I use other apps for specific tasks. I like to use the application Due when I’m at work. It’s great for specific tasks that have to be done at certain times of the day. It’s very good at giving me reminders. Due is also pretty sweet for setting one off or repeating timers. No point in bothering with the truck when the skateboard is good enough. This Due application has a nice feature where it will remind me every five minutes until I’ve done what I need to do. It’s a fantastic little application for doing the management of those odd little tasks that need to be completed during the day. Something like Omnifocus is better when you’re looking at the bigger picture. It is a great app for a More Personal Computer Experience

Due app iOS - More Personal Computer experience
An App for timers and reminders

what about Trello?

I had a brief look at this application about a year ago and didn’t really get it. I couldn’t really see how it would fit in with what I do and how I work. Then I couple of days ago hi saw a video by woman called Dana Malstaff who was showing how to use Trello and I got quite interested. What I like about it is that it is a very visual interface and particularly good for using on iOS. You have items within your various lists and you can drag and drop them from one place to another. It seems to be a good application if you are working with a team. If you need to move files and information in between team members you can use Trello to do this sort of thing. I’m still in learning mode with Trello and I’m having a better more positive vibe with it. After laying out the cash for Omnifocus I’m not going to jump ship. Maybe I could use it for specific areas of my life. I could use in in a similar way to Dana Malstaff and her Boss Mom empire for running the Good and Geeky book business.

Geek of the Week with Trello

Good and Geeky needs more marketing organisation for sure. In the same way she has a BossMom of the week I could have a Geek of the Week. With Trello I could organise who I’d like to ask. Then have a list for those I’ve confirmed and good choices and then a list for the Ones done. Probably would need another list for people who have been asked and are not going to be Geeky of the Week for whatever reason. No way will I forget who has been asked and so on.

Working with the iPad

I wrote the first part of this with Sir on the iPhone because it is what I had in my hand. When I got home I switched to the iPad for the bigger screen and to use the Mac Bluetooth keyboard. I’m sitting on the sofa and it is comfortable enough for the typing process. How do you like to type on the iPad? Are you a fan of dictation with Siri? Siri is great when you have good internet connection. With my iPhone on 4G I’m finding it responsive and accurate to get the words on the page. How’s that for a More Personal Computer experience.

I’ve got so used to working one app at a time I have to remind myself about the split screen feature. Now I have Uylsses on the left side of the screen and Trello to the right. Handy to look at the app I’m writing about. In any case when I’m writing it is better to have a distraction free mode of looking at only one app. Ulysses is super for that when writing. Everything else just gets out of the way so the words and the ideas contained within are front and centre.

My first Facebook video.

I spoke about my Post PC experience. How it is not post Political Correctness but Personal Computer. This is a bit strange really in that the iPad is a more personal PC. I think Post – as in after is incorrect. I having a more Personal Computer Experience by using the iPad and iPhone as my only computers.

Making a Facebook Video
Making a Facebook Video

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