Hard Drive Problems were sorted 

I had to take a trip to the Apple Store in Barcelona to get the Hard Drive fixed. My initial fix worked Ok but then after a week it didn’t. The drive started to make a horrible clicking noise like the evil plants out of Day of the Triffids, followed by a terrible scratching sound. In the end it was so bad I had to turn the computer off. Then when I turned it back on again the fans started up and as well as the sound of the Triffids I also had the helicopter coming in to land. SO I had to make the decision to go Post PC. I have since decided that it is not ‘Post’ PC – but ‘More’ or ‘Extra’ PC. Seeing as PC stands for Personal computing and not Political correctness, when you use the iPad and iPhone as your personal computers you can’t help but go deeper into personal – Hence the More or Extra being better descriptions to use.

Apple Store. Barcelona

More Personal Computer Experience

The hard drive properly gave up the ghost on the Thursday and I don’t have a day off until on Wednesday that was nearly a weeks worth of going all in on the iOS computing. I was told by the genius in Barcelona that it would take ten days and I pushed him to try for one week, seeing as I only get time off work on Wednesdays. I will have about 13 days of no Mac and maybe longer than that if they don’t make the one week deadline. At least it will be better than the month they took to fix the previous iMac. In any case the Genius guy at the Apple Store was friendly and professional when dealing with me and I think he will do his best to get the job done for me. In some ways I don’t mind having to keep with the More PC Experience / Extra PC experience for the nearly three weeks total. I will surely miss the use of Dragon Dictate and one or two other apps but I am enjoying the challenge of working with only iOS.

There are some weird things

  • I’m using the WordPress app to post this and it is mostly working OK. There isn’t a button on the row of extra buttons to set a headline? There’s buttons for inserting images, making text bold, italics, making links, lists and quotes, but I have to go to the html editor to add the header tags manually.
  • When I use Byword for the blogging, sometimes it works great and other times not so much. I couldn’t get it to upload the pictures in the publishing section today even though it worked OK before. 
  • Blogsy interface is just plain weird.
  • Blogo is great if you only want to use on one web site and the interface still has moments of weirdness.
  • Using Ulysses is mostly OK but today the behaviour of the app was strange for adding images or links. Not way to get to the code to make the changes due to the application misbehaving. Unless I exported to html and rolled my sleeves put to do some fixing manually. I wonder if it will be sorted out when the next version gives us the WordPress publishing capabilities.

Banking works well

I opened up the banking app and got into my accounts and it offered to let me use the fingerprint recognition as the way to get in.The app has improved since I used it last. I was quite impressed with it.

Downloading TV shows on hold

I can watch what I have copied onto the iPad and then use AirPlay to send them to the TV. Means I can’t use the iPad for anything else while watching the TV. Ah well – Have to take it easy sometimes…

It can be a better experience

Once I have got into the different ways of doing things I will be happier. The way of working could be actually better than the desktop PC way of working. I have managed to write, using Siri dictation followed by editing using the keyboard in Ulysses. Written quite a few words altogether. I’ve also connected the Mac Blusetooth keyboard so I have the mechanical connection to the iPad. Siri dictation into the iPad works a treat over 4G and then I can open the words in the iPad apps to edit and tidy up. Now one week has been done and I’ve more days to do before the iMac is returned to the desk in the office.A positive experience so far!