Post PC or Extra PC Experiment

29/04/2016 Off By DavidAllenWizardgold

My iMac is getting fixed

So I have gone down the road of using the next stage of PC evolution – the tablet and the phone. I’m on day seven of the experiment and it is going great. I do miss a few things, such as the Dragon Dictate. Otherwise I am quite happy to be working in an Extra PC environment. It really is ‘Extra Personal’ using these sorts of devices. It is more emersive when you are touching the screen and using gestures to get things done.

Today was a day of editing video. I used Pinnacle on the iPad to edit video I shot on the iPhone. Moved the clips to the iPad using AirDrop and then I could edit to my hearts content in the video editing app. I was even able to upload faster using the 4G connection on my iPhone than I could using the wifi at home.

Editing video in a Post PC space

Editing video in a Post PC space