NetBook vs iPad and what about the Google ChromeBook?

Incipio Destroyer Case for Apple iPad 1The Netbook vs iPad is a question you don’t hear much these days. It must be fairly clear that the NetBook is on the wain and the iPad is the sexy device to have now. At least the tablet PC is the is the type of computer that has the future in its sights. A number of companies are trying really hard to make the iPad killer. The Apple iPad does have the lead because it is the device that was the successful mobile computer tool that was a hit from day one.

Apple didn’t rest on their laurels and brought out the iPad2 after a year and added the extras that some people wanted in the first version. You do have to leave some room for improvement. Apple like to have a few details and extras that will fit into a product in a future version even though every one is aware that Apple do like to get it as right as possible when getting a product out to the consumers.

The Amazing iPad

Zaggmate Cover With Keyboard Or The Apple Bluetooth Keyboard

Lets compare iPad to netbook in terms of usage. The main complaint that users of the netbook have is that the key board is too small and tough to type on. On the other hand the iPad doesn’t have a keyboard included and some don’t like to type on it. That is not too much of a problem though seeing as you can get a Apple Bluetooth keyboard and those are lovely to type on. Or you can buy the iPad ZaggMate Cover the comes with a keyboard and turns it into a netbook – But with some quality.

Do You Really Want Cheap And Nasty?

That is the thing really with the netbook, they are cheap. Cheap to buy and cheap in construction. Maybe the answer is to buy two at the same time so that when the first one breaks you have a back up. When you get the iPad you know you are buying quality and a product that will serve you well for a long time.

Another problem with the netbooks is that you don’t get to use the best operating system, Mac OSX. They first came with a linux distribution when they became available but then Windows started to get installed. Many have said that the netbook processors were slow and with a lumpy Windows OS on top they were even slower. One of the best things about the iPad is that it is fast in operation and a joy to use.


Google Netbook Vs iPad

On the horizon is the Google Chromebook and that could be the answer to the problem of the slow netbook. Have to wonder though if the cloud computing paradigm is going to work out. What happens when you are not connected? Do the Google netbooks have enough storage memory to have some files locally held. Google claim an eight second boot time (ten seconds in the video on the same page) but still not as fast as the instant on of the iPad.

I will mean that you may have to have 3G as well as wifi to give you the always on internet, that you need to have access to your files. You will have all your files synced and in one place so that you can access them from anywhere. What if you are in a place where there is no wifi and no 3G available either? In the specs it says it has a card reader and some USB slots so I suppose you could keep your files on a thumb drive or just on an SD card. It will be interesting to see what the price will be when they are on sale 15th June 2011. I think that the big limiting factor will be the apps that can run on it and what you want to do with it. At least with the iPad there is almost no limit to the apps you can get for it.

The Google NetBook Disclaimer

“Obviously, you’re going to need a wireless network, be willing to use it subject to the provider’s terms and conditions, and be ready to put up with its real life limitations including, for example, its speed and availability. When you do not have network access, functionality that depends on it will not be available.”

There pros and cons for every device and certainly this is the case with the ipad vs netbook war. Whether you are a fan of the iPad or of the NetBook it is going to be good when there is more of the reliable ubiquitous internet connections that will be useful for all of us, be it 3G or free Wifi.
The Amazing iPad

The One Netbook I Want is …

It must be obvious that on the Amazing iPad web site I am going to be biased to the iPad but what are your thoughts in the debate about the netbook vs ipad. Also there is one Netbook I would be happy to use and that would be the MacBook Air. The 11 inch model is small enough to be a netbook and in the 2011 models all the users are reporting superfast boot up and generally quick when doing your bidding.

MacBook Air 2

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