New Mac Minis and iMacs and MacPros

Finally something for all of the rumour sites to actually get their teeth into. Actual changes in the hardware. I have had just a quick look so far and the Mac Mini has a decent size hard drive in it 120GB, 250GB, or 320GB and a faster video card, more energy efficient. I see it has a mini DVI port and a mini Display port, perhaps that is because they want people to think it is natural to hook to a TV and have as a media centre.

The Mac Mini has five USB ports which is kind of sweet, but what is really sweet is the Firewire 800 port on it.

The processor is 2 Ghz and you can get it in 2 versions. The cheaper one at €579, has 1GB memory and 120GB hard drive. The top of the range at €799 has the 320GB and 2GB Ram. Of course you can add extras and have it just the way you want. You can also get a slightly faster processor and up to 4GB memory. The accepted wisdom though is not to buy extra memory from Apple, too expensive.

You can use your own keyboard but I have to say do for goodness sake get the Apple aluminium keyboard. It is so nice to type on.

I have four interviews recorded and I am busy doing the editing on them, I expect to get two of them out in the next two days.

I got away for a couple of days to Newcastle to visit my brother and of course if you have been following me on Twitter you will know that I collected my new Mac Book I had delivered there also. Love it! Tell you more in a podcast or in another post. Also in Newcastle I had a tweet up with Legion11 Wayne Priestley. We had a super geeky chat while the women were busy shopping.

2 thoughts on “New Mac Minis and iMacs and MacPros

  1. tomacintosh says:

    Hey, the Mac mini now have 5 USB Ports! 🙂

  2. spondicious says:

    You are so right and I was so lazy about reading it through before I posted. I even knew the new MacMini had five USB ports.
    I have the old MacMini 1.25 Ghz PPC machine and it has only 2 USB ports I think. The only way around was to buy a seven port USB hub, to have enough ports for everything.

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