Podcast 107 Nick Green Photographer from Cumbria

Nick Green is a photographer from the UK and he lives in the Lake District in Cumbria. A really beautiful part of the world and it seems to be perfect for the type of photography that Nick prefers. He is close to a steam railway, so will often be found taking pictures of that. Then he is into the working dogs photography taking pictures of Shep rounding up the sheep.

In our discussion he tells me that he uses ScreenFlow to make screencasts. I am delighted with that seeing as ScreenFlow is a supporter of the Mac20Q Podcast. I bought the application and was using it long before recommending it to listeners. I have tried other screen capture applications and ScreenFlow is the one that does it for me. S0 easy to use and the video quality out of it is excellent.

Nick is enthusiastic about using the Mac and the iPad for his business so we talk quite a bit about using a Mac as a photographer. Like Steve Wright I was talking to in the last ipad Podcast NIck likes to get his images on to the iPad for showing the portfolio to the clients.

I talk a bit in the ramble part of the podcast about my woes with the iMac. It suddenly had a load of purple on the screen and it was totally locked up.

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