Podcast 56 Mac 20 Questions – Knightwise

I am talking to another Belgian this time, who goes by the name of Knightwise. He is a Mac fan boy, or not – as he said to me he has been accused of being one but he is probably more of a google slut that a Mac Fan Boy.

Whichever you think he is I am sure you will enjoy the interview because he is funny too.

Well yesterday I was at Podcamp Barcelona and I presented a session talking about how to get your podcast out in front of people, no point making them and not getting listened too.

Good to meet up with Chris and Ana who organised the Podcamp and they did a good job of it. This year it worked better by being set on one day rather than over 3 days as last year.

People were getting on the stage on time and the room was full. They had translation from English to Spanish seeing as some of the presenters were English, and that was a good thing for the audience.

I think the translator was able to understand my brummie accent and my use of colloquial language. I didn’t mean to make it difficult – honest !

My presentation was about how to promote your podcast  using social networking. During the presentation I asked how many of the audience were podcasters and out of a room full of people only 5 people put up their hands.


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