Podcast listening

The MacCast

As I was walking the dog this morning I was listening to the MacCast podcast from Adam Christenson. I have a soft spot for his podcast because it was the first podcast I started to listen to when I changed to the Mac 5 years ago. He has a good mix of tips, news, new music and reviews. The reason I mention it now is because there were some handy little tips regards Snow Leopard and the use of the option key to get more info or do things, depending what you are clicking on.

  • Option click the sound icon in the menu bar and you can change the default input and output devices for your sound.
  • Option click the mobile me icon and you see more information about what parts of the service were backed up when.

Adam mentions a couple of others including the airport icon and for me I would just say that the Maccast is one of the podcasts you just have to listen to. His web site is useful too and there is also a forum on there which can be very helpful if you need to get a question answered. Adam has been interviewed on Mac 20 Questions as I don’t mind talking to the superstars of the Mac podcasting world as well as the ordinary users like you and me.

What is your favourite podcast to listen to?