Ready for the iPhone X Apple event

This latest Apple event is going to be streamed live from the Steve jobs Theatre in California. I’ve just worked out how to get the event streamed live through my Apple TV. I had to go into the Apple TV App Store and find the app for Apple events. It didn’t take much looking for it, it was there ready for me to click on and within a minute it was downloaded and ready to go. It’s still 20 minutes before the event is due to start and so the app is not allow me to start yet. We will finally find out all of the juicy details about the new Apple iPhone. Up until the last couple of days it’s been called the Apple iPhone 8 and possibly a couple of versions being called the Apple iPhone 7S. There’s been a leak over the last couple of days which people seem to think is correct where the premium version of the new iPhone is going to be called the iPhone X. It’ll be called the X because X is the Roman Numeral for 10 and it is ten years since the iPhone was introduced.

What can we expect in the new iPhone for 2017

There is bound to be a new processor. All the leaks seem to suggest that this is going to be less than bezel and the same amount of screen making the phone smaller all round. It’s probable that there’ll be no home button and so there’s going to be new ways of making the iPhone work. If you can’t press on a button at the bottom of the phone they’ll need to be a different way to get the fun started. Some of the rumours reckon there’s going to be face recognition. So as soon as you show your ugly mug to the phone it will open up. I don’t think there’s also going to be for print recognition still because otherwise there will be security considerations coming into play. Somebody could take your phone from you and what your still knocked out lying on the ground open your phone and steal your data as well as your wallet.

It’s going to be expensive and it will be available soon

A lot of the commentators seem to think the iPhone is going to cost more than $1000. The OLED screens are more expensive and possibly in short supply. Apple will be able to charge what they want, don’t they do that anyway! There will probably be larger amounts of memory and on top of all that all the new and sexy technology has to be paid for through the nose when you are jumping in as a first adopter. The Apple Store online has been closed for the last couple of hours and will open up as soon as the announcements have been made.

What else will be available?

IOS 11 is probably answers being ready for the general public. I’ve been running the public beta on my iPad for few weeks and it’s been working fine without any problem. I got as far as using iOS eleven beta 9 and those expecting the gold master version to be available before this event. Maybe because of the leak of the gold master version over the last couple days they decided not to bother until the actual announcements have been made.

It would be nice if there was new Mac mini. That handy little computer is always the last one to be updated. The iMac Pro could now be ready following the initial announcement at WWDC