iPhone X Upgrading to the Newest from Apple

Apple iPhone X hype starting to die down

It was a good Apple event with the new Apple iPhones making their debut. I enjoyed watching the whole of the event on the day on my Apple TV. I got caught up in the marketing bubble and believed that I really needed a new Apple iPhone X. A couple of days later and it really didn’t take that long either, I have a realisation that I won’t be getting a new iPhone this year. I’ll be keeping my bitcoin safely where it is for the moment. The value of bitcoin has just taken a dive and it’s not a good time to sell any anyway. I’m sure next year will be the time for getting a new phone and I will prepare myself by saving money on a monthly basis so I can choose whichever phone I want. There will certainly be improvements to the iPhone X which was released just the other day. The other thing stopping me from biting the bullet and buying a new phone this year is because I’d rather save up for an electric car. This is something that is expanding horizons out into our future more so than a new iPhone. If money wasn’t an object then I would happily buy the latest iPhone X. Having a larger screen in a smaller body is appealing and the new cameras are also interesting. On the other hand, I am still extremely happy with my iPhone 7 as it does just about all I want from my pocket computer.

iPhone X

What about the Apple Watch?

I have series 0 of the Apple Watch and once again I’m happy with the way it works and what it gives me in terms of facilities. On the last upgrade to the Apple Watch I had no interest in getting the new version. I kind of feel the same with this one although it would be nice to have the GPS as well as the new mobile data connection. The mobile data connection is not yet available here in Spain. It seems it has to be working on the same phone number as you work with your iPhone. It’s not like you can buy an extra Sim card for a minimal amount per month. It’s something the mobile data providers have to set up otherwise it would be just kind of nice to share the data you’re already paying for on the iPhone.

Animated Emoticons – Talking Shit or maybe a chatty Unicorn

When you have a phone with facial recognition built in it seems the obvious answer is to create an application so you can have animated talking characters. It’s always good to have a bit of fun! It is often the silly but fun things which drive sales in high technology. It’s going to be pretty cool to send a message where the animated cartoon character you choose is delivering it with expression.

Facial recognition on the iPhone X

Apple have done away with the fingerprint recognition on the iPhone X. Apple claimed its more secure than fingerprints to have the biometric security of facial recognition. It’s able to recognise your face even if you are making changes by wearing or not wearing glasses. It can learn your face has changed because you’re now wearing a beard or a handlebar moustache. It seems it’s not going to have any problem either if you change your hairstyle. All this remains to be seen when it’s tested by by the millions of iPhone X users. Personally, I prefer the fingerprint recognition because she can do it with fingers from multiple people. This is useful if you want your wife to be able to open up your phone in an emergency. As it stands the facial recognition is just for one face. Whether it’s pretty or not!

Getting an iPhone X

I don’t think so, at least not for some time. In a years time when I have saved up sufficient money I might bite the bullet and get the latest and greatest. If I was to get myself a new phone then I’d want to pass my iPhone 7 onto my wife which is a good thing to do. The only thing is that selling her iPhone 6 will not bring me back much cash to put towards the new iPhone. This year would have been a good time to upgrade my wife’s phone because of the age of it. My own phone, the iPhone 7 is working well and in perfect condition and I was expecting to keep it for two years anyway. At least I will be getting plenty of benefit from the update to iOS 11 even if I don’t have the latest Apple mobile hardware. It would be lovely if the new photo lighting effects could be available in the iPhone 7. Maybe it needs the face recognition hardware to make it possible?

Would you believe it?

I’ve already heard podcasters speculating on what will come next year. Well I suppose there is the question as to whether there will be an iPhone 9??

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