A Good and Geeky Car with Technology

A Car For The Geek

If money wasn’t a consideration, obviously the car I would most definitely go out and buy would be a Tesla. I would just love to have an electric car and no more visits to the petrol station. I would be quite happy to have a Nissan Leaf although perhaps where I live in Catalonia it would be better to have a hybrid car instead. I don’t think there are too many either fast or slow chargers in Spain. In the nearest city, Girona, there is a charger but there is often a car already parked there. That wouldn’t be too bad as I would have enough range in an electric car to get there and back again. If I was going to Barcelona instead I would definitely need to find a place where I could plug in, in the Catalonian capital.

A Geeky Car For Mere Mortals

nissan_noteUs mere mortals, otherwise known as poor people have to make do with a lesser level of geekiness. I am on a mission at the moment to get a new car and the level of technology of the car varies with the spec you can get for your money. I had a look at a Nissan Note and it was equipped with sensors to let you know if there was something moving nearby the car as you were parking. It also had a little buzzer that let you know if you were changing lanes on the road. You can also get versions that have cameras to give you a better view all around as you park. Usually here in Spain, drivers tend to park by feeling for the bump into the car in front and behind to guess the correct distance. It would be weird to have one of those cars that parks for you. All you have to do is to put the car into the right position in the first place and then press a button before you let go of the controls. This is just one step in the automation of cars that is going a step further in the new Tesla models. I wouldn’t mind having one of those cars with cruise control that measures the distance between you and the car in front and adjusts the speed to suit.

Going For A Cruise

I have also been looking at the Renault Clio Sport Tourer, just in the brochure so far, but I expect to have a proper look at one in the flesh later today. This car has a touchscreen and again there are levels of geek you can purchase. If you pay more, the technology will be allowed to do more things. It seems that I can connect my iPhone with Bluetooth to do phone calls with the basic version, but I have to pay extra to connect in the same way for music etc. Apple have announced that many car manufacturers this year will be doing Car Play. Unfortunately, I think I will be missing out on this as I’m going to be too early buying a car during this year. It’s going to be interesting having a car with lots of buttons on the steering wheel for setting the speed for the cruise control, swapping radio stations and changing the volume of the audio. The car I have at the moment has nothing like that at all. When I tried out the Nissan Note it had a GPS system installed but it wasn’t available in the model I could afford. I think it’s going to work out the same with the Renault.

You Pays Your Money And Takes Your Choice

Having good geeky technology costs money. At the moment, I’m trying to work out if I can still afford to get the Apple Watch next month as well as getting a new car. It would be lovely to have a large wallet brimming with banknotes to be able to get whatever technology I fancied. I don’t really drive that many kilometres anyway, so to a certain extent I should really just buy the cheapest car I can find. Apart from technology there are always other considerations, such as the wife requiring a car a little bit bigger with a decent sized boot. We do have to have space for putting the dog inside the car.


What do you think about Geeky Cars?

What’s the best bit of tech you have in your car? Or put a comment below to say what technology you would like to have available to you as you drive.

2 thoughts on “A Good and Geeky Car with Technology

  1. DavidAllenWizardgold says:

    Still decisions to be made….

    The car I looked at in the showroom is the right model but the more expensive diesel engine. Over the long term it is a good thing to get it because of the fuel savings.
    Doesn’t have the start stop feature, which would have been nice.

    At least it is in the showroom and ready to be sold and I could be driving it by the end of the week.

    My present car is getting more unreliable by the day and I have to get something soon. Seems we are discounting getting the Nissan at this stage due to the Renault being bigger and a more solid car. It will hold the value probably better over 4 years of ownership.

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