Technological Dreaming and Lusting

The WalkCar Electric vehicle

WalkCar electric vehicle is like a laptop that you ride

Living in the Future Now

Something I really enjoy is the way the future is progressing with science and technology. I love the way developments in these areas are dragging us out of the dark ages. With using some of the latest technology like my Apple Watch it feels like I’m already starting to live in the future. Most days I get an email newsletter in to tell me of some of the latest scientific development. Articles about new products being developed from amazing new materials such as Graphene alongside articles about architecture or camping tech . There are often articles in the Gizmag newsletter about the latest developments for electric vehicles. I’m fascinated by the technology being developed to move us from a carbon-based world into the world of electric vehicles and sustainability. If I had the money I would certainly buy one of those Tesla Electric cars . Only €64,000 to buy the Model S, sadly I don’t drive enough kilometres to warrant spending that much on a car. The variety of subject matter just goes to show that research and development is happening on a lot of different fronts. Computing power increases, software gets better and we can build on top of the knowledge we already have. The technological improvements must be exponential and our lives will probably change in all sorts of ways that we just can’t imagine now.

The Gorgeous Interior of the Tesla

Model S Tesla Motors Europe

Pushing forward with science

It is fascinating what is happening with the science in space. Absolutely amazing that we have a space station orbiting the earth with people living on it. It’s fabulous to get pictures back from a spacecraft sent off to space quite a few years ago to give us pictures of planets at the outer edge of our solar system. Sometimes it seems even more impressive that humanity can dream up such projects while at the same time it can be destroying the planet and there are some people who still believe in magic. It can be hard to believe there are still people thinking as though they are still dragging their knuckles along in the dirt. Yes, that’s right you religious people – I’m talking about you. The human condition gives us such a huge variety of people and ideas, it’s no wonder there is always the struggle between one end of the spectrum and the other. I suppose we should be thankful that there is the opportunity to struggle forward and improve the world. If we had it all too easy now, then maybe no one would bother and curiosity would be dead.


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