Six iPad applications for creating charts diagrams and visualisations.


Sometimes we want to make diagrams on the iPad and there are a number of applications that will allow us to do that. Some are within spreadsheet applications and some are dedicated tot he task of charts and graphs. One of these is a drawing application which versatile in a different way.

Numbers – Apple’s Spreadsheet Application

One of those you can use is called Numbers this is the spreadsheet application from Apple. You put in all your your data for the spreadsheet and it will create a diagram for you. Obviously, you are limited to the diagrams that you can choose, you will only have the sort of pie charts and bar charts, typical in spreadsheets. If you want something that is a little bit more customisable you will need a more dedicated application.



You could use *OmniGraffle , this application will give you more options for the type of diagrams that you can create. OmniGraffle is an iPad application that you can build charts, diagrams and other types of visualisations. I think it is very expensive at $50 but other people do like it and you can also get a version of it for using on OSX.


There is an alternative to OmniGraffle and it is called OmnigraphSketcher is a much cheaper alternative and is available to buy at $14.99.


RoambiVisualizer is pretty looking application and it is free, perfect. I will download it now. The app is described in iTunes as the ‘pulse of your business, in the palm of your hand’.

RoambiVisualizer interactive mobile dashboards allow you to, tap, turn or swipe to analyse and dissect your company’s latest information on any iPhone or iPad. To keep you connected to your business wherever you are.


It is an innovative application that transforms your business reports and data. You can bring data in from popular business applications and is delivered instantly to your iPhone or iPad. You can easily view and interact with your up to the minute information.

There is a free version and it gives you access to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets .CSV files and HTML. If you want to have more access for example to Google Docs then you would need to pay for RoambiVisualizer Pro which is $99 per year. You can get access to your spreadsheets if you go to their website and sign up for a free publisher account.

EasyChart HD

Another charting possibility is an application called EasyChart HD. iIt is at the lower end of charting applications, it is simple and pretty inexpensive at $.99. You are able to create and share pie charts and sidebar charts.

One more application is called in service is the visit looks very simple and you can use it to organise ideas and thoughts and contents as you go. Instances is a diagramming application and you can use it to build flowcharts and mind maps. For my dance I would prefer to use find no pro.



TouchDraw is a drawing application of vectors for the iPad which is available for $6.99. TouchDraw gives you all that you need to be to create structured two dimensional vector graphics such as charts, ground floor plans and architectural drawings. You may use TouchDraw to create logos. With TouchDraw you are able to create complex graphics and you can alter and change them very easily too.

In the standard features of TouchDraw you have standard shapes, lines, squares, rectangles, rounded rectangles, cycles, ovals and polygons. There is a power tool and you can create complex curves shapes. A free hand tool will turn freehand lines into smooth curves. The text tool gives you support for various fonts styles, sizes and alignment of the shapes and text.

TouchDraw has a very long list of all the things that you can do. It does have support for layers, printing, folders and it works with dropbox. You can do drop shadows easily and you can make connectable graphs for flow charts and diagrams.

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