What did you do with your amazing iPad today

BlogsyI have to admit that I spent the day doing things on the iMac and didn’t even have the iPad out of the bag. Normally I have it on the desk next to me because I like to have it close by. Is there an application on your iPad that you have installed and not got around to using yet? Well I had on that I installed last week and I have not used it and it is a paid for application. It is called Blogsy.

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I tried to use it but for some reason it just didn’t work. It is the first application I have had do that to me. But today I just tapped on it again to see if it would come alive and it did??? Whatever next? Before it would be in the tray of opened applications, but would be a no show if I tapped on it.

On the first screen of Blogsy there is a document on how to use the app. I have learned straight away that there is a Rich Side and a Write SIde. to swap between the two you swipe either left or right. Wen I just did that I can see the page I was looking at on the other side (The Rich One) and it is now in HTML format. I can see all the code. I hit the button top left which looks like an icon to take me to settings and I got a message to tell me that I have to set up a blog first. By tapping a few things here and there I got to a place to add a site.

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I filled in the details to add the site and there were no problems because I already do remote publishing and I have it set up in the WordPress installation to accept posts from other applications I use. I can’t see the Blog I just added in the dock though to the right next to the icons for YouTube, Flickr, Picassa and Google. So I pressed the plus icon to start a new thing and Blogsy disappeared from site. I think more work is needed with this application.

Now what I will do following using the application and making a blog post with it I will go to the web site for the application and watch some how to videos. It worked for me anyway – I got a simple text post uploaded to the Amazing iPad Blog, although I did get an error message along the way. And what do you know it worked.It is the post that is before this one.

Blogsy for iPad

I have looked at the videos on the Blogsy site and I am thinking it definitely looks intriguing. I will have another go with it tomorrow, to see what else I can do with it.