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David Allen Wizardgold

David Allen Wizardgold

How to Be Good and Geeky One Step at a Time

Super Bluetooth Headphones for iPhone or Apple Watch

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Good and geeky

Got some new earphones. Bluetooth version and I’m quite impressed. Got them for a great price too. £13 or so.. That £13 works out as around 18 euro. These are fantastic for when I’m walking the dog or riding my bicycle. I can still hear above the wind noise on the bike which is great. Another advantage is the short no tangle cable. So much easier to use and deal with than the Apple earphones. The sound is marvellous and the battery lasts a decent amount of time. The American female voice is a bit grating when you turn the headphone on or off, or when the Bluetooth is pairing up. I reckon I can live with that on account the earbuds are so good.

A good fit for the Ears

Very comfortable indeed to ear and for listening to either or the spoken word. I mostly listen to books and podcasts but on the occasions I went for the music option I was happy with the results. Perfect for listening to the Beats Radio on Apple Music. I certainly couldn’t notice any distortion as I was listening. You even get other sizes of buds for the ears so you can fit whatever the dimensions of your lug holes.



New Bluedio M2 Stereo Bluetooth Wireless in Ear Sports Running Headphones White

I was also impressed by the box they came in. Even the box had a quality feel to it. I would be tempted to get an extra pair of these earbuds for the iPhone as it would be great to have a spare pair to keep nearby.

To Use the Bluedio M2 Bluetooth wireless earbuds

Push and hold for a couple of seconds to turn on or off. the same button to get the microphone activated so you can talk to your device. Then there are the volume buttons to play with. Took me a while to find out how to work these buttons because the instruction are printed so small on paper they’re impossible to read.

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