The iPad vs the Samsung Galaxy tab – Could it be a Killer

It is going to be a game of two camps where the iPad vs the Samsung Galaxy tab is concerned. There will be fans of both sides defending their preference to the hilt. There are some that will say The Tab is what the iPad should have been. The Android lovers will be happy with the open operating system of the Tab. Portability that comes with the smaller size will polarise the tablet buying community too. There could be advantages with the way that you can change out the 16GB Micro SD for another, to be able to rotate the data stored on the device.

Usability of the devices

When it comes down to it though, in an iPad compared to Samsung Galaxy Tab, war of technology, it will all be down to the usability of the device. The features of a tablet are important for sure, but what is it like to actually use the Tab or the iPad? The form factor of the Tab is handy in as much as the smaller size means that it could be used one handed. The iPad with its larger screen does need more support, two hands or a stand to hold it up. The Tab does have a nice screen though of 1024 by 600 resolution with bright colours and like the iPad it is a glossy display.

You can Shake it

Like the iPad the Tab has an accelerometer and it seems to be quite responsive in use. The sensitivity of the capacitive screen may not be as good as with the iPad. I have never had any issues with getting the iPad to do my bidding with finger touches. One thing that makes all the difference is how good is the underlying software. Personally I don’t think it is as pretty on the Tab as with the iPad interface. The Samsung Galaxy Tab has a TouchWiz 3.0 Android layer, which looks a bit cartoon like. Some say that Android isn’t ready yet for tablets, while it is OK for the phones.

Flash the disaster

One of the points to look at in the face off with the iPad vs Samsung Galaxy Tab is the use of Flash. It is reported that the browser is not brilliant but is made worse when Flash is enabled. Seems that Apple have a good point to make about Flash not being suitable for mobile operating systems. While the screen is wide screen shaped, it is not so good for typing on, seeming like a massive phone when in landscape mode. You have to feel a bit silly while using it like that.

Build Quality and Applications

Construction of the Samsung Galaxy Tab is not bad, generally feeling sturdy enough. The surfaces are a bit shiny and slippy, so you would be better off using some sort of case. Battery life is reasonable but I think that the iPad wins on that one too. The applications available for the device is an important consideration. You have to ask if they are made for that screen size. Will there be any scaling or formatting problems with apps that were designed for Android phones.

IPad vs Samsung Galaxy Tab



Camera The Tab having dual cameras is a big thing right now until the iPad version two comes out. I am not sure that cameras are right for a tablet, at least for just taking snaps. People will certainly give you a funny look holding up tablets to take a picture. FaceTime is another thing though, where a camera is just essential.

Is the Samsung Galaxy Tab an iPad Killer?

Not really. There will be people that will declare themselves as fans. It takes all sorts! Maybe when the Honeycomb release of Android comes out, it will find its niche in the market and sell. The price is a bit high for the smaller sized device too. What are your views on the iPad vs the Samsung Galaxy tab.

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  1. John says:

    “It is reported that the browser is not brilliant but is made worse when Flash is enabled. “.

    This NOT true or perhaps it was in an early version. The browser in Galaxy works superb with flash enabled.

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