The top podcasts for Apple Fan Boys talking crap rumours

On being a Mac podcast listener

When you see me walking down the street you will always find me with an earphone in my ear. I don’t generally need both earphones in my ears when I am connected to my iPhone, because I am always listening to podcasts. One ear is sufficient and I leave it until I’m listening to music before putting the other ear bud in the other human listening device. So there I am, walking the dog and I could well be listening to a Mac podcast. Lately though I’m finding that I am hunting for other things to listen to, because the Mac podcasts are getting boring. The presenters of these Mac podcasts are saying the same things over and over again, week after week. Is it any surprise that some cheeky young wag decided to make a comedy sketch about Mac users, where they pay for a service so that they can talk to or listen to incessant Mac gobbledygook. In the sketch this was a service provided by Apple, where the Apple Mac fan could ring up and talk to a genius about anything to do with Macs and for no other reason.

Mac podcaster pundits talking rubbish

Usually this sort of punditry occurs on weeks when there has been absolutely no Apple news whatsoever. The Mac podcast makers have committed themselves to making a podcast every week and when there is no news from Apple or anything surrounding the computer maker from Cupertino, they have to resort to vapour news. This is in the form of rumours and sometimes even rumours about rumours. In some spurious websites out in the wilds of the internets, somebody has made something up that is link bait. In the absence of proper journalism on the Internet this untrue information is grasped upon as a subject for heated discussion on a Mac podcast. This wild rumour that has been created is often about Apple hardware that has not yet seen the light of day, nor is ever likely to. On the other hand, it could be about a service that only exists in the imagination of the rumour maker.

Top podcasts guilty of psuedo erudite discussions for Mac fan boys to listen to

Even though these Mac pundits do not work for Apple and never had a connection to the company apart from buying one or two of their products, you often hear them saying things like – ‘Well, that’s not the way that Apple works or does things.’ As if they would really know what goes on behind the corporate facade of a computer maker. So when you get a non-Newsweek from Apple, which is more often than not, be prepared to listen to a bunch of Jonny know it all’s talking complete and utter rubbish.

Why keep listening to these idiots?

One of those Mac podcasts, probably the most popular one, I did delete from my podcast catcher. I didn’t listen to it for quite some time, partly because the main presenter is annoying and often rudely talking over the top of the other guests on the show. I only started listening to it again on a week when there was some news from Apple that I wanted to learn about for the purpose of my Mac blogging. Presently I am still listening to this podcast but I usually find that I will skip past the crap at the beginning and go to the section where there are Mac tips and recommendations for software to try. It is easy enough to skip past sections either by completely bypassing it or by setting the iPhone to play at double speed. At least when listening to it at double speed time is saved and you can also start concentrating again if there is a section which suddenly becomes interesting.

Are there any good Mac podcasts out there?

Top podcasts NosillacastThere are some top podcasts on a regular basis I listen to. How do you feel about the incessant, inane chatter about daft rumours? Leave a comment below I am looking forward to hearing from you. What do you think are the top podcasts for Apple fan boys.

3 thoughts on “The top podcasts for Apple Fan Boys talking crap rumours

  1. Barb says:

    Watching for answers to your question about good Mac podcasts…no answer from me, but I’d love to hear it…
    the rubbishy podcasts–and any other pseudo news on any format–often has me yelling at the (TV, computer, iTouch, etc.): THAT’S NOT NEWS YOU IDIOTS!!

    I feel your pain.

  2. Bob DeGrande says:

    One of my favorites is Mac Power Users by Katie Floyd and David Sparks. It is not a news podcast at all, taking one topic (Hazel, Evernote, backup, a particular workflow, etc.) and discussing it in detail. Of course the downside of this approach is that you may not be interested in the week’s topic at all, but I am interested more often than not.

  3. David Allen says:

    I listen to the Mac Power Users although often it is not really for power users. It is more for the enthusiastic users of Mac at medium level. Katie is getting better and not saying ummmm so often and it is usually an interesting podcast to listen to.
    For Power users then the one to listen to is Mac Geek Gab with Dave Hamilton and John F. Braun.

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