Want to know how to record your screen?

How to record your screen with capture software

How to record your screen There are a few reasons and situations and why you might want to know how to record your screen. For example, there may be a video on my websites that you would like to play back at your leisure, including when you are not connected to the Internet. On occasions such as this and it would be sensible to record the video as it is playing and the audio as well, so that you could watch it later. There will be occasions when you need to grab an image from your screen it could be that you want to see the settings within a dialogue box. You might need to keep a record of an area of screen which shows how an application has failed, perhaps. There could be part of your computer screen that you would like to show to a friend or another member of your family. Maybe you are the tech support person of the family and it is easier to show something with a screen capture rather than explain it. So learn how to screen record with ScreenFlow

How to record your screen for free

Within OS X, there has been for some time the ability to capture the screen included as part of the operating system. Not only that, but there also has been an application called Skitch which also provides this functionality. I have been using Skitch as my preferred way to do a screenshot in Mac. Skitch is a very capable screen capture tool. If you want to know how to record your screen, then first of all go and grab yourself a copy of Skitch. It is a very easy to use and is a quick screen recorder. It is the application to use when you want to do a copy screen and it is a still image that you require.

Best video capture software for the Mac

There is free video capture software included within Mac OS X Lion and also with Snow Leopard. The functions of this video capture software is simple and straightforward. You can save the recorded video and use in iMovie or whatever other video editing software you like to use. For occasional use this free video capture software is just the job.

Better video screen capture Mac

On account of the fact that I create many screencasts for the Wizardgold YouTube channel requirements video capture software with more capability. After trying 2 or 3 software is to record computer screen images for screencasting I have settled on ScreenFlow. Not only is ScreenFlow the best screen capture software it also gives you the ability to edit your captured video.

Editing your video within ScreenFlow

I can edit the video so that it will zoom in and out, add transitions, text and mouse callouts. It is really very versatile and useful and for creating screen casts, there is no better software for the Mac. I have found that I can create quite sophisticated screencast videos using ScreenFlow. It is not an auto screen recorder, but it is easy to start and stop the recording process. The software is made and developed by Telestream is very stable while you are using it and is well supported by the developer. Definitely, the best video capture software out there for the Mac. Now you know how to record your screen with Mac capture software. Can screen flow be used on iPad to edit videos? The answer is yes if you run reflections on your iPad 2 or later and on your Mac so that you can use ScreenFlow to record what is happening. That is how to record screen of your iPad on your Mac. You will be recording your screen just as well as you can record your screen mac apps.

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Dictation is three to four times faster than writing with a keyboard. In this book I go over all the things you should consider when you start with dictation. The best apps to use and how to get into the mind set of talking to your computer instead of pounding your fingers on a keyboard.


Nuance doesn’t support Mac dictation anymore with Dragon Dictate. You can still use the last version they made V6 with the latest Mac OS. I use it with Catalina and it works just as well as it used to.

I might do what some people do with running a virtual computer on my Mac with Windows. In that I will have the Windows version of Dragon Dictation. I don’t need to do that for now because it’s working fine. Maybe a project for the future. Or maybe the new accessibility dictation will improve.

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  1. Screenshots are fantastic to use for NOOBs like myself when I am trying to get my husband to teach me things from his computer which is in another room. Knowing there is software available to make it so much easier than yelling out, “Come look at this!” will not only reduce the yelling in my house, but also reduce the time spent going back and forth between us, and his frustration!

  2. Not a Mac user, but I have used Snagit and other products from Techsmith like Jing for the PC. 

  3. Great article! I had no idea that videos could be captured. I don’t use a Mac, so I’ll try the Jing software Susan mentioned.

  4. Deb Eckerling says:

    I love Skitch. First saw it during SXSW, and still figuring out the best ways to use it! Will take a look at this and the other resources you mentioned. Thanks!

  5. Joanne Greco says:

    I was thinking about using skitch. Thanks for the review. I’m going to check out some of the other site you listed also. 

  6. Jimmy says:

    This is great.  I need one that works for PC, though.  Maybe it’s time I get a mac, lol!

  7. gizro says:

    Do you know ScreenRec? It’s unsing Javascript so you don’t need to install any kind of software…

  8. Sally K Witt says:

    Always great info!  You do a wonderful service for your readers.

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