Shooting Photos with the iOS 5 Camera App

Jumping the gun with iOS 5 and iCloud I made a start to the day, thinking that the date today was 12th of October, naturally I was a little excited at the thought of getting my hands on the latest operating system for iDevices, the iPhone, the iPad and also the iPod touch. I should […]

Augment your Memory with iOS 5 and iCloud Features

More about iOS5 and iCloud – Reminders and Twitter Still talking about 12th October iOS 5 and iCloud day, what else do we have? There is the new Newsstand application and for me it really doesn’t mean an awful lot as I am unlikely to partake of any of the magazines available. Although if I […]

12th of October is iCloud Day

Tomorrow is iCloud Day and iOS 5 Day There has been talk by some of the Apple cynics, about how well iCloud will work. They are basing this on past versions of MobileMe, which did have few difficulties on release. To be fair there are a number of things that could go wrong, doing synchronisation […]