Audio note taking for the iPad

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Audio note taking for the iPad

Sometimes the best way to have notes for iPad is to use an audionote iPad. There are some iPad notetaking applications such as Evernote for iPad that will let you take audio notes, but maybe you want something more full featured of an application separate for that task. One you might look at costs 99 cents US or 79 €cents and it is called Voice Memos for iPad. Handy to have available a application that will do that seeing as the iPad doesn’t come with an voice recording app at shipping. Not a problem really and the beauty is that you can make your iPad do what ever you want it to do with all the applications in the App Store.

Did you know that you can connect USB microphones to the iPad with the connection kit that has the USB connector to help you with the iPad note taking. So I could use my Samson USB CO3U mic with my iPad. Obviously you will get a much better recording if you are using a good mic. Internal microphones, even good ones never do as well as a proper external mic. It was not something that Apple advertised as being possible but something that many people have discovered and are delighted about.


You get unlimited recording time and you can add notes iPad  or memos to the recording. Obviously you have a recording meter so you know how the levels for the recording are looking. It is possible to tag or keyword the memos to help you be able to find the right recording later. This iPad note taking app has been featured in Gismodo and Engadget essential apps for the iPad lists.

A great way to make notes for iPad is to use Evernote for iPad application. Apart from the straight forward typed notes you can also do some iPad note taking in audio note format.


Do you have a favourite way to take notes iPad style? Do you prefer iPad note as audio to listen to or do you just get out the on screen keyboard and start typing iPad notes.



5 thoughts on “Audio note taking for the iPad

  1. David Fell says:

    Does this still work? I heard that with the 4.2 iOS update, the power has been reduced to the camera connection kit.

    1. admin says:

      I heard the unconfirmed report os power reductions and somethings not working anymore with the camera connection kit. I will have to try it out for myself.

      Will let you know how it goes.

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