Mac20QTips 19 Automating with Hazel

hazel automation

Here I show you how to use the Mac application Hazel to automate a process. I have to take files I get out of WireTap Studio as .mov files and split the 2 audio tracks into separate files and then convert .mov files into AIFF files so that I can use them in AmadeusPro, which is my preferred audio editor. Does a much better job than Garageband for what I do with the interviews for Mac20Q.

I wanted to do this job in Automator and have it either as a service or as a folder action, but I was not able to get it to do what I wanted , I may have another try to see if it is possible with Automator or perhaps I can get it to work by using AppleScript. I have been learning AppleScript lately so I could have some success this time.

If you have any questions about how to do things with Mac Hazel then please fill in the form below and ask. I will help if I can.

This Podcast was produced using ScreenFlow my preferred screen capture application You can find out more about ScreenFlow on the ScreenFlow page on this web site.

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