The iPad goes International


The iPad goes International it went on sale today in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the UK. There were many pacing up and down wearing a groove in the floor between the office and the door to see if the courier guy has arrived with a package in his hot little hands.

Then once the iPad has arrived, there can be no more work done for the rest of the day as the rest of the day is a frenzy of unpacking, playing and extreme concentration on the Apple iPad device. What can it do? What apps can I buy that are the iPad HD application type. The iPhone apps will work OK but are nowhere near as nice as the full monty that you get with the iPad compatible. The screen is just so sexy that having sexy iPad apps running on it is just do die for.

I saw on Twitter that the people expecting the magic Apple package were posting tweets saying that they were pulling hair out with anticipation. So what were the first apps to put on the device? Evernote for the iPad, 1Password, The Marvel comic app, the iWork apps from Apple? What did you have to get first?

Seems there have been huge queues in Japan at the Apple Store in Tokyo. I wonder how Apple have allocated the iPads around the world. I expect the bigger markets traditionally for Apple will get the iPad in larger numbers, in any case there will be some disappointed people in many places. Wouldn’t it be terrible to be in the line to get an iPad and the last one goes to the person in front of you. I think a situation like that could end in tears.