The iPad for the Photographer

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The iPad for the Photographer

How can the iPad be good for the photographer? It doesn’t have a camera, but then the photographer already has a camera so there not being one included is a mute point. The obvious answer on how it can be used by a photographer is the built in Photo Gallery. If you want to show photos to a client the iPad with its wonderful screen, will be a very snazzy way to show what you have in your portfolio.

To get the photos into the iPad you would have to sync them in from iPhoto via iTunes or you can buy the adapter which Apple sells separately. It is only a couple of steps then you having your iPad as a digital photo frame showing all and sundry a slide show of your work. Another possibility is the VGA adapter which will send images to a projector, although not all applications will work with that.

Apple iPad  for photographers

iPad Photography applications

You can use the pinch gestures to open up an album, there is the application PhotoGene which allows some editing of the pictures you have. There are loads of apps that were made for the iPhone and iPod Touch that will be bound to be upgraded to be perfect for the iPad. The App ‘Camera for iPad will stream the pictures from an iPhone to the iPad and I am wondering if it is possible, or could be, for the Eyefi SD cards to be able to send photos wirelessly to the iPad from you camera.

OK there are some photographer specific uses for the iPad and don’t forget that there are many other applications that will be useful in other ways. You might have had to lug around a heavy laptop previously but now you have the light and thin iPad.

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  1. henry taylor jr says:

    i need to get a wireless device to conect to my computer to work with my camera and ipod so when i’m taken a picture i can see and correct .

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