Fire fighting Dennis of YourMacShow talks to Mac20Q

YouTube - YourMacCast_s Channel.pngDennis is a firefighter he has 2 iPads one for himself and one for his wife, an iMac and has a MacBookPro that he has recently bought. and likes the Wacom Tablet instead of always using the mouse., She is a bit stubborn and has not switched yet but maybe in time. Listens to the MacGeek Gab podcast, loves Don MacAllister. Also appreciates what a good podcast Adam Christianson makes and has got into podcasting himself. Like to pass on tips to make users and likes to use ScreenFlow same as I do. He gets his wife to drive everywhere so he can sit in the passenger seat reading on the iPad.

Dennis makes the podcast YourMacShow, a wealth of information for Mac users

He gets questions he doesn’t know the answers to but is not afraid to ask questions, he uses Skitch to grab screens and work with Screensteps the app that Allison Sheridan loves to use. Denis likes to use Things on the iPad and Circus ponies NoteBook

Notational Velocity and Simple note as per Merlin Mann and his ideas about how to take notes. I think a good idea is to spread tasks to certain applications so that you pigeon hole the task on the computer and help avoid information overload. Dennis is a big fan of PathFInder and will be talking about organising files and folders.

He has a workflow that means he put his clippings and notes into Circus Ponies NoteBook and works in Garageband to make the podcasts and makes a AAC version with the

He has a little trick to get the pictures of the icons to use in the podcasts from the applications. select the application in the folder and hit cmd C then paste them into Preview to get a nice set of logos. All you have to do is to save them out as a png file.

Dennis has 4 iPhones in the family and is a fan of the Magic mouse and would love to get a Drobo. Lots of gadgets including a Nikon D5000.

For the video editing Dennis has Final Cut Express but still will use ScreenFlow to top and tail the video with an intro and outro because it is really easy to output direct from it to where it has to go to and in the right resolution and format. Handbrake is in the mix for converting video files.

One of his favourite applications would be Busy Cal because it is user friendly and there are extra facilities in there too despite it being a little pricey. He is a Pixelmator user and logo design studio Pro for creating icon logos and business cards. We both miss CorelDraw though. Drop box gets a mention

Dennis has been messing with AppleScript do to some fancy geeky stuff and likes to dive deep into the system for little know video files for example