Prediction Of Release Date For iPad 2 – Do You Have a Favourite Date in Mind

Now the rumours are flying out about the new iPad about to be released. Daft people are saying there will be cameras by the bucketful, at least six of them! Other devices will be connectable through a new USB socket.

Retina display for the iPad is coming and will look stunning on the bigger screen of the iPad. Wacko fans say there will be 3D vision on the iPad, I think that might depend on the hallucinogenic drug being consumed. More RAM memory will make it run faster. The next generation ipad features will include items that will need the iOS operating system to be updated to version 5 or 6. Thin as a fashion model but the screen shape will have the same ratio. It is not likely to go to a 16:9 widescreen ratio for the better viewing of movies. Like the first generation iPad it will be solidly built and tough.

How about the possibility of a smaller form factor, a seven incher? A little sister to the iPad that is available now. You may have to get some trousers with larger more voluminous pockets, but doable.

Six Is Sexy

We are likely to get the front and rear cameras and it will only go to six cameras if Steve Jobs wants to put one on each of the sides. Could get you some funny looks holding up the iPad to take photos. It will be a glorious viewing screen though, to see what you are taking a picture of. Will it be glass on the back as well on the front of the iPad.

it is doubtful if the price of the iPad will change much in the next version. Other manufacturers are pricing their tablets higher, but no matter. These other tablets are not a good and possibly smaller in size even. How would you like a 64GB iPad in the Apple range of tablets? Getting an iPad with more memory wouldn’t really make a difference to me though. With a socket to insert extra memory then you wouldn’t need more inside the iPad.

Heard any good next generation iPad rumors where you are in the world? Have to started any rumours of your own? So that you bite the bullet to buy an iPad what will you have to see included in the specs. Release date for ipad 2 is coming soon so not too long to find out what is in it

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