How To Copy Files To iPad

copying files to ipadHow do I copy files to ipad

This is a question that comes up quite a bit, especially for new iPad business use owners that are confused by the not having a finder or Windows explorer to move files. You don’t even get the drag and drop that you think you should have seeing as that is how you do most things in OSX. How you do the moving files to iPad depends on the files you want to copy and the software it is destined for. Lets see how to transfer files to iPad

The Amazing iPad

Copy Spreadsheet files to your iPad

If you look on the iPad app for Numbers you get the options of copying from iTunes, iDisk or WebDav. If you don’t have Mobile Me that rules out iDisk. The easiest is going to be using iTunes. You will have to have the iPad connected by wire to the computer. You go to the apps tab and scroll down to File Sharing. The file you want to copy files to is in an area on the left. On the right I see a list of the Numbers documents I have ready to share. These are the ones you find in a list when you hit the Copy From iTunes on the iPad. To add a file to the list click on the Add… button and choose your files. In no time at all you will see that it is easy to copy documents to iPad or iPad transfer files.

How to copy files to ipad

Back on the iPad choose Copy From iTunes on the iPad and the spreadsheet will be imported.You may then work away with your spreadsheet. The WebDav option is for where you have published the spreadsheet to an online place and you can subscribe to the sharing of that file. This method to copy files to iPad will work also with ArtSudio, Documents, GoodReader, Index Card, KeyNote, Kindle, Noterize, PlainText, VLC and others.

DropBox Icon

DropBox For Copying Files To iPad

Another way to do a copy file to iPad is to use DropBox. I just searched to a sub folder in DropBox on the iPad to a spreadsheet. Tap on it and you will see iPad files get imported in the right hand pane if you have the iPad in landscape. You don’t have to be connected by wire. You can do this over Wifi or 3G. Dropbox is really useful for all sorts of file sharing and you should have it on your computer and your iPad for sure. DropBox is a good way to be able to transfer files to iPad.


ZumoDrive does a similar job. I was able to bring in over wifi files on iPad no problem. There is another option in ZumoDrive where you click on the button at the top right of the files list column and you get a choice of Share this – Upload Media – Download Files. When you hit Download Files you get the chooser checkbox buttons to the left of the file name. Tap for each file you want. When you go to the home folder in this app you will see in the list files that have been downloaded onto the iPad. With images you can Export to Photo Library – Open inApp – Share This

So – Not That Difficult To Get Files Moved To iPad

What it comes down to is that you have to learn the ways of copying files to iPad that are just different from the way it works on your Mac Or on your PC. It is quite simple to copy files to iPad and nothing to worry about. So get your iPad copy files, and you are winning. Have you found some good ways to transfer files to iPad that you would like to tell the readers about? Why not send me an email and let the rest of the world know which is the best way to be transferring files to iPad or how to copy file to iPad. Start now transfer file to iPad without hassle. Now that you know how to copy document to iPad you can enjoy using your iPad even more. You can copy movies to iPad  so easy now or even watch them using air play of some sort and not have to move files to the iPad.
The Amazing iPad

20 thoughts on “How To Copy Files To iPad

  1. ned says:

    This is silly Apple nonsense. The thing has a flash drive. Why can’t I just copy/paste – drag/drop from computer? Also, the cameras are TERRIBLE. Otherwise, the thing is a dream.

  2. admin says:

    Ned it isn’t too difficult to get things on the iPad. In fact with DropBox it it drop dead easy.

  3. MindOfM says:

    David, check out dropDAV ( which provides WebDAV access to Dropbox. Use both and you will be able to access iWork files in your Dropbox folder on your iPad. DropDAV pricing is tiered like Dropbox pricing. Free 2GB Dropbox accounts get free DropDAV access!

    PS: I do not work for Dropbox nor DropDAV. Just a happy customer of both!

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  5. Andy says:

    This is a major problem. When I am out in the field with my iPad, and a customer has files he wants to give to me, why can’t I plug my iPad to his computer and copy the files? Why does this have to be so hard? The old iPods were downright amazing when you enabled disk access mode in iTunes. I don’t see why this has not happened for the iPad.

  6. admin says:

    Couldn’t the customer send the file to you via email. Or send the file to a dropbox location.
    I know it is a roundabout way of moving a file to the iPad but it would work. I would not be surprised if there will be a utility that will allow movement of files in a more direct way. I do remember there was an app that did that with the iPhone and I think they made it available for the iPad too.

    Here is some blurb from the maker of the software ECamm Network

    Your iPhone or iPad Becomes a Portable Disk
    Drag Mac files and folders in and out of PhoneView. It’s that easy. Data is copied to and from your iPhone or iPad’s storage memory via high-speed USB. Even access app data for certain apps such as Air Sharing and GoodReader!

  7. Paul Ung says:

    The Amazing iPad?? Hmmm… It could be better.

  8. Larry says:

    It is now easy and possible to copy unrecognized format of files to iPad. You can even copy flv files downloaded from youtube into your ipad by following this simple method:

    – download USB sharp from Apple Store free
    – open it and go to the Wifi section, enable your wifi, it will give you an address to type into your computer browser
    – open your computer browser and type in the full address, use the upload file option to upload your file(s).
    – Once your upload is successful, you will see your file on your USB sharp explore section.

    To playback various file format,
    Download PlayerX, it plays varieties of formats, flv, avi, mov, etc. – this software can be used to play your uploaded/transferred files.

    I believe this should be useful for somebody.


  9. Mikael says:

    The basis for computers is the capability to handle files. Just bought an ipad2 and realize that i am so cooked! Someone has to tell the truth about this product.


    1. admin says:

      In what way do you want to handle files? Copying files to the iPad is easy, working on them is a cinch and moving the files off the iPad again is easy too.

      be specific in what it is you wan to do and I will suggest a solution for you.

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