Two great Mac Calendar Apps for free – Remind Me Later and Calendar


It has to be said that these applications for the mac the do one simple thing and do it well make the Mac such a delight to use. Today I want to tell you about a couple of applications that have come in via the AppStore and I really like them. They are not super functional applications in that they only do simple task, but that is what is so good about them. These two applications work well as a pair, one complementing the other. Calendar app Mac for free and Remind Me Later Mac app.

Saving time by using Remind Me Later Mac app

Remind Me LaterFirst of all let us have a look at ‘Remind Me Later’ and why do we need it. When I am working away on the Mac I have a lot of applications open and even with two screens to give me loads of space I really don’t want to one another, especially if it is just for a short time. The application I am talking about is iCal. While ICal is a simple application itself, I don’t want it open on the desktop. I don’t want to have to open it much at all. This is where Remind Me Later comes in. When this app is running you have a small icon in the menu bar at the top of the screen. There is a Hot Key combination you can hit to bring up the small dialogue box. First time using it you hit the disclosure triangle and see all the tips to tell you how to use it.

Type in the input area with English text such as “today 10am Spanish class’ and hit the Add Event to iCal and the event is posted into iCal. Nice to be able to use natural language rather than typing in a specific format of have to use a pop up calendar to click on choose a date or time. I can write in “Parents in town from Tuesday to Sunday” and it will put the event into iCal in the right place. The whole thing is about getting the entry done quickly and it succeed admirably.

Using The Calendar App For Mac

It is all very well getting the event in but then there is the having to open up iCal to see the agenda and when there are events are scheduled. Well no there isn’t because the other application of the pairing is Calendar. You can get that from the Apple App Store same as Remind Me Later. Again we have an icon in the menu bar click in and you get a calendar of this month to look at. Move your mouse over the days and you will see the events that are in there in a HUD panel that pops out to the left. The dots in the day show how many events for that day and they are coloured the same as the calendar colouring in iCal.

Use the arrows on the calendar to move from month to month and you can tell it to open iCal by double clicking on a date or by choosing a date from the menu that pops out on the right of the calendar. Two excellent calendar applications for the Mac go and download them both – Remind Me Later Mac app and the Calendar app Mac – For free from the Apple App Store.

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2 thoughts on “Two great Mac Calendar Apps for free – Remind Me Later and Calendar

  1. I would love to add another application to the mix I’ve been using for years. While not free, Menu Calendar Clock is awesome.

    The way it interfere with iCal and the menu bar makes it great to see events as they come up. Have a look at it. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. And you can download an try for free even.

  2. admin says:

    I would hazard a guess that you were using an iOS device with the predictive text giving you interfere instead of integrate. I will have a look at the app you mention.

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