Updated iMac coming soon

Updated iMac due May 2011

I have been using my iMac just about daily for nearly three years and for the most part I have been really happy with it. Last October I had a problem with it and it turned out to be the graphics card which I had to pay to get fixed. it cost nearly €400 to get it done and the Apple Store in Barcelona took ages to fix it. A month is far to long to be without your iMac. Seems that it is time I got a new one but right now is not good. Partly due to lack of funds and partly due to there being a very good chance of a revision of the iMac coming soon.

iMac Revision All in One Desktop gets upgraded

It will be excellent to upgrade to the 27inch model and the rumours say that the new iMacs will have the Sandybridge processors from Intel. Always good to have extra power in the desktop computers. Like the recently updated MacBook Pro models the iMac revision will certainly have the Thunderbolt port. It reminds me of when my sons were boys and there was a series call ThunderCats. They had a call to action when it was time to fight the baddies. “Thundercats Ho!” I keep wanting to shout this out when I hear about this new technology. The Thunderbolt port in the MacBook Pro as I understand it is based on the Light Peak standard that Intel have been working on but is not the optical version of it. I wonder if the new iMacs will have the full Light Peak with Optical fitted.

Thunderbolt – As good as useless right now.

There is some catching up to do for Thunderbolt – There are only a couple of peripherals available so far for Thunderbolt, one being a hard drive from Lacie. Seems that the port will be able to be used for all manner of things including video. Now that would be nice. I can see the 27in iMac in the middle and two Thunderbolt enabled monitors, one on each side. I can never get enough screen space.

On the subject of graphics for the iMac that are due to get a revision, possibly in May. I can well imagine that there will be new graphics card in them too. Hopefully they will be better than some of the graphics cards that have been in the older models, like the one that is giving me bother.

What are you going to do for the iMac upgrade 2011?

Will you upgrade? Do you like the desktop models or would you prefer to do something like have a MacBook Pro in the middle on your desk, maybe a 15inch model with a couple of Thunderbolt monitors on either side. Mind you there is still a display port on the MacBook Pro so there could be one still on the iMac. Which ever way it goes I like the chances of a desk full of Mac OSX Lion goodness.


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