Using an iPad without the aid of a safety net – No desktop or Laptop

No MacBook Pro – Travelling with the iPad

Although I could have carried the MacBook Pro with me to Menorca I wanted to see how useful the iPad would be for me while I was on holiday in Menorca for six days. Menorca is a particularly beautiful island in the Balearics that are part of Spain. One of the beaches we visited while there is always in the top ten list of best beaches in the world. I have to say it did look lovely despite the rain that beat down on me while there. You see a glimpse of the beach in the video.

Crappy Hotel WiFi

I wished I had taken a router with me, the 4 star hotel had wifi but only in the foyer and it was patchy at best. In the room there was an ethernet port and if I had taken a spare router then I could have had wifi in the room. Will be a good thing to ask first next time I go travelling like that.

I put a number of books int the iPad incase I wanted to read and that was excellent. I also put movies on there. I used Miro to convert them and it did a great job of that. I did have some problems with one of the movies and in the end I had to use VLC app on the iPad to move the files to the iPad and also for watching the movies on the iPad. I think the film must have been a bit of a dodgy conversion before I got my hands on it.

Writing for a living.

I am an article writer for my websites and for revenue sharing sites like InfoBarrel and I wanted to do a little if the time and inclination presented itself. As it turns out the weather was poor so there were a few moments that I sat down to write some stuff. I had already got the research in Evernote and all I wanted to do was to do the writing. For that I had Simplenote. I set it up with a sync from Scrivener the writers software that I use for all my writing work. That was very easy to do and when I got home I was able to sync back no problem also.

WordPress was a bit of a pain in Safari

I wanted to do some editing in a WordPress site on the iPad using Safari. The thing was that I didn’t have any scroll bars on the editing window on the web site. All I could do was to put the cursor in the space and copy all and paste it into SimpleNote so that I could get at all the text that was previously hidden. I am wondering if that is fixed in the 4.3 Update of iOS. Not been able to update to that yet as iTunes keeps telling me that I have the latest version which is showing as 4.2.1. Something wrong there, I may have to do a restore to defaults on the iPad and then set it up again. I wondered at first if it was to do with me being in Spain, but I don’t think that is the case.

Please leave a message below to tell us of your experience of travelling with the iPad or with using it as your only computer.


  • Apple updates iWorks apps for iPad – Numbers gets the most love … – Late yesterday Apple released updates to their suite of iWorks apps for the iPad. For Pages and Keynote, the word processing and presentation apps respectively, the updates where very minor with the only update noted in the release notes being one that addressed a predictive text menu issue with Japanese and Chinese characters. With Numbers, the spreadsheet application, the update was a bit more substantial.

2 thoughts on “Using an iPad without the aid of a safety net – No desktop or Laptop

  1. dd says:

    “WordPress was a bit of a pain in Safari”
    Everything is a bit of a pain in Safari…especially the ipad version. No YouTube, half the video in cyberspace wont play on my ipad. And let’s not forget the no-Flash part of the ipad. For an expensive piece of equipment, I expect it to do EVERYTHING. Let’s see what Droid does.

  2. admin says:

    On the other hand there is a YouTube app on the iPad and although I have not used it much, surely it will play the video on the iPad.

    From what I have heard Flash can be a pain on other tablet computers. I have heard someone that had his hands on the Samsung Galaxy Tab that it was a bit of a dog. He would not want to buy it.

    You must love your iPad for a lot of what it does though, don’t you?

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