The Apple iPad mini in the hands of users now

The two things that people are complaining about, with regards the new iPad mini are the resolution of the screen and the price. There were quite a few rumours circulating beforehand in the Apple podcasting community, looking for a price of around $250, so $329 for the cheapest iPad mini is a good bit more than that. Not only that, there are many of these commentators that also been using the Nexus 7 for a few months and enjoying the experience. It is not surprising that comparisons are being made between the two devices. BTW I was joking about the new device being called the ‘Little iPad

Apple making sales to the general non-geek types

If you have been using an iPad 3, then it is quite likely that you will miss the retina display. On the other hand if you have not spent a lot of time with the iPad and you pick up the iPad mini, you will probably be a very happy with it. You will get the full iPad experience with the iPad mini and for a price a good bit less than the $499 that the latest iPad 4 costs. Apple are going to sell a boatload of these new iPad mini devices to the general consumer populace.

The Nexus 7 vs iPad mini

Apple iPad mini The same sort of thing with the Nexus 7 tablet, in that if you have not been using an iPad before, then you might be quite happy with the Google tablet device. It does rather depend upon the applications being available for what you want to do with your tablet. There is a much larger range of applications available for iOS at present and it could well be that once you have used iOS 6 you might not want to try messing about with another completely different operating system. Some do though, just for nerd credability.

The iPad mini hitting the streets and so are the iPad mini reviews

With regards the technical specifications of both of the devices, the Apple iPad mini and the Google Nexus 7, there is going to be a certain amount of to and fro. When you’re using the iPad mini in the landscape mode you’re going to get a better experience when you are looking at email, searching webpages or creating content. The Google Nexus 7 with its 16 by 9 format is just perfect for watching movies, but you have to ask how often you are going to be doing that with your tablet. Watching movies on your iPad mini you’ll get a similar experience despite the slightly lower resolution of pixels on the actual screen. The letterboxing will not really have any effect upon your viewing experience.

It all comes down to the experience and the look and feel of it

It has been said that the build quality of the Nexus which is built by Asus, is pretty good. You can be sure though that the build quality of the Apple product is probably going to be better. Whichever of these two devices you get, there will be the lighter weight and the smaller form factor that will delight many. Personally I quite like the idea of being able to carry around an iPad in a pocket, I know that you will need to have slightly larger pockets than is normal. I think I do have a couple of pairs of trousers that will be just perfect. Mind you, the Nexus 7 with it being slimmer in terms of width due to the 16 by 9 shape, will fit into a pocket slightly easier.

Would you buy one of these smaller tablet devices?

I know that I am perfectly happy with my iPad 3, but I have to admit to being curious about the iPad mini. I am interested in how the iPad mini could fit into the role of an educational device for the classroom. Certainly the lower price of the device would be something to make it interesting to the people that are in charge of buying such devices for schools. I’d say though, that there are some educational professionals that are tempted by the even lower price of the Nexus 7 and maybe even the larger Nexus that is due to be announced any day now. In fact it would have been already announced two days ago, if it hadn’t been for the hurricane Sandy that has been bashing the east coast of America. The Google event that was to debut the latest tablet devices from Google had to be cancelled. I have not heard much about the Samsung Galaxy Tab lately.

A visit to the Apple Store in Barcelona

Apple Store Barcelona I think a visit to Apple Store Barcelona is going to be in order over the next week or so, so that I can have a hands-on experience. I have to admit that I would also still like to try out one of those Google Nexus 7 tablets too. In fact I might already have bought one of those, but for the fact that they have not yet been released in Spain. I will also be able to have a good look at the latest updated full-size iPad, the Apple iPad 4.

iPad 3 owners getting upset

I haven’t had my Apple iPad 3 for very long, yet I don’t really feel particularly aggrieved at the premature update of the iPad. The only change that would be rather nice is the faster processor, but on the other hand, the iPad that I have now doesn’t seem slow at all. The addition of the Lightning connector to the new iPad 4 from Apple makes no difference to me at all at present.

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